Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi?

Originally Tai Chi was a Chinese martial art with four main styles: Yang, Chen, Wu and Sun. A clear focused mind, fitness and body balance are important not only in defense training, but also for good health.

Because Tai Chi is a very gentle form of mind and body exercise, a modified form for the elderly was developed. The ACC (Accident Compensation Commission) has recognised this form as beneficial in fall prevention, and consequently has been funding Tai Chi for the elderly for several years now.

The benefits of Tai Chi

Through the practice of Tai Chi, you can expect to improve both your mental and physical health. The gentle slow movements help to balance your yin (humility and compassion) and yang (strength), thus harmonising mind and body. The symbol below left represents these opposites of yin and yang. By stretching the meridians, which are the channels carrying Qi (life energy), you make them strong and supple. The rhythmic movement of the muscles and joints pumps energy through the whole body. In the slideshow below, you can see some shots of a class held on World Tai Chi Day at Kun Ming Garden in Brooklands Park, followed by photos of a Qi Gong form, based on 5 animal movements.

Yin and yang symbol

Tai Chi will help you:

  • develop strength, balance and coordination

  • improve your posture

  • increase cardio-respiratory fitness through slow, deep breathing

  • reduce tension and calm your mind

Joanna doing Tai Chi

The classes

Thursday evenings in Oakura from 5.45pm-6.45pm

Held at the St James hall in Oakura (opposite the town hall, main road).

Fees: $12 per class or $80 per term.

Starting Term 2 on Thursday 3rd May.

Friday mornings 9.45am - 11.15am

Held at St James Church Hall, Lawry Street, Moturoa.

This class caters for students at different levels. The first hour is for beginners / intermediate students and the last half hour is for advanced students.

$10.00 for first hour or $70.00 per term
$15.00 for one and a half hours or $90.00 per term

Discounted rates available for attending both Thursday & Friday classes.

Contact me now to join a class