Frequently Asked Questions

Joanna Smith-Holley

Do I need to undress?

Shiatsu is done with the client fully clothed as no oils or massage creams are used. However, massage requires the use of oil or massage wax. Therefore undressing to your underwear is required, or just removing your shirt if a back and shoulder massage is all that is needed.

Will it hurt?

No. Both Shiatsu and massage therapy are treatments where I can adjust the amount of pressure used to suit you.

Do I need massage or Shiatsu?

I recommend Shiatsu for any injuries or chronic pain such as lower back pain, sciatica, ongoing headaches or neck pain, sports injuries, digestive problems, depression, chronic fatigue, or other health issues. Both therapies are very relaxing and good for reducing stress. Massage can also be effective in relieving minor muscle strains and tightness in the neck and shoulder areas.

How many treatments will I need?

This varies considerably depending on what is being treated and whether there are any underlying health issues. As a general rule I recommend three treatments, ideally about one week apart. In some cases one treatment is enough, but others may require more. I can usually give you a reasonably good estimate after your first session.
Many people find Shiatsu and massage therapy useful as an ongoing weekly, monthly or three-monthly treatment for stress relief and keeping general aches and pains at bay.

How much does it cost?

30min massage $50.00
60min massage $70.00
90min Shiatsu therapy $85.00

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